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I consider highboys/lowboys/umeyori’s idol au to be a copy off mine.

I am quite upset by this.

Tumblr hiatus-ish. Will not be posting here anymore, but if you want a response to anything, best to try over at my dw, linked up there.

Day 5 - Bartender AU

Doing this, and these are mostly set in or further AUs of Miracles. This one also appears to be college au, same as here.

OKAY ALSO: Due to developing events and also my actual school work, you will probably only get Day 6 on.. Friday or thereabouts. This will give you time to start missing my icon-face, but not too much because of all the random shit I post anyway.


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i do kind of love this face. HIS FACE.

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Fandom Catch-up

KnB 201: So crazy bored. SO SO CRAZY BORED.

LBD: Ok I will admit it I TOTALLY CRIED when Lydia broke down, both times, o Lydia baby. LYDIA AND GIGI BFFS Y/Y/YYYYY

Haikyuu!!!: I… keep losing track of who is who, but they are very nice boys! and very shounen! And Oikawa is kind of ridiculously attractive? Like, RIDICULOUSLY? 

Cross Manage: This one has slowed to a trickle but I perserve, I will make more icons of Misora’s perfect face and coo. All the cooing. MISORA’S PERFECT FACE.

OH LOL. Will the 20 turns a day be enough! ;A; I remember wanting MOOOOORE
I will be playing my first five or so in softcore! So there will be some opportunities there, but yeah AoJ is TERRIBLE in the early runs. They have challenge paths now with special skill trees! Later on it shouldn’t be a problem, of course. *-*

Day 4 - Sharing a Bed

Doing this, and these are mostly set in or further AUs of Miracles.

Ok so I am kind of basically sincerely opposed to most kinds of Angels and Demons stuff, so have another cheesy trope instead.

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Anonymous asked: Its just as well, the longer you take ascending as AoJ, the longer they have to spade out stuff for him. Have you seen his skill table? It's NUTS.

I would like the food tables to come out- I have a HC non-iotm multi I threw into it, and it is getting like 20 turns from food. 20. HC with nothing would be deadly.

On the other hand SO SO SOOOOOO SICK OF BM.

Oh wow! It’s been so long since I played this game!
I started after hearing about making food to eat in it and have not looked back. They’ve changed SO MUCH. *_*

Kingdom Of Loathing

  • I am dying now
  • because I am on day 16 of an BM S run
  • but AoJ has been released
  • along with the bucket of shards
  • i want this fucking bucket of shards
  • well i want like 5 shards, the first few AoB runs were hell
  • I love AoB
  • AoB is literally the path that taught me how to play softcore (also my only sub-1000 runs ever)
  • i have like 26 AoB runs
  • i made charts for my skill uses
  • i am making charts you guys
  • but day fucking 16 (and finally level 12 and onto some decent fucking booze and food)
  • i could be done in… a week?
  • maybe two weeks, i am terrible at fucking BM and also at saucery
  • p.s. pastamancer was so much easier than this shit
  • three years and 103 ascensions into this kol thing and this is the second-last of the BM runs for the Brimstone outfit.
  • literally every single BM run i have ever made took me a straight month of non-stop playing
  • i do about two a year
  • i fucking hate BM
  • so much hate
  • even oxy was easier than this
  • and i literally hated oxy so much i would start one when i had to go off for holiday
  • eating my aguas in the airport wifi on my iphone
  • so that i could return to the full 200 turns
  • BM is hell
  • i am in hell
  • i am starting the next fucking BM run in crimbo.
  • AoJjjjjjjjj
  • if you understood this post we are sisters/brethren, let me kiss your face
ahhahahaha akashi oh my god and himuro you you i don’t know what to call him anymore *weeps* taiga probably made the best chocolate ever. :D also lol at nigou chocolate

I realised things got kind of trying for Kuroko when he had to defeat… ‘treasured chlldhood memory’, ‘tsun-tsun love return gift’, ‘gourmet traditional sweets’ and ‘aomine being tsun’. If this were a shoujou he would be Rui.

Day 3 - Anon Love Letters


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lowboys asked: Gdi phone why won't you let me reply to things but SHRIEKS FOREVER AT IDOL AU AND TAKAO'S HUGE BOYCRUSH ON CROSSDRESSER MIDORIMA HAHAHHAHAHA /it was a trap/


Seriously, I don’t know. I just know it appeared in my head full-formed from some fountain of it and it was glorious.

Noble/Peasant is what, Day 17? mwa ha ha ha

Noble/Peasant is what, Day 17? mwa ha ha ha

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Day 2 - Idol/Fan

Doing this.

Takao’s little sister kicked in the door of his room and bounced on his bed. “IT’S HERE,” she screamed. “IT’S HERE IT’S HERE IT’S HERE!”

"Oh, fuck," moaned Takao, trying to shove her off before she broke his ribs. "What, what’s here? What’s wrong with you, you little monster?"

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*rubs hands in glee* Oh Takao, how I love you. ♥

So much MidoTaka coming up, man. I USED TO HAVE IDEAS INSTEAD OF SCHMOOP? USED TO.

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